Title: HT-Seq profiling of HASMCs treated with NSAIDS and induced with IL-1B
Organism(s): Homo sapiens
Description: The goal of this experiment is to identify differences in gene expression in Human Aorta Smooth Muscle cells (HASMCs) treated with the selective and non-selective COX2 inhibitors, celecoxib and naproxen, respectively. HASMCs were treated with various doses of naproxen/celecoxib for 3hrs and then induced with the inflammatory stimuli IL-1B for 0, 2 or 8hrs (extraction time points). At each extraction time point, an aliquot of the media was stored and cells were lysed and stored in TRIZol reagent. The TRIZol reagent was later processed for total RNA extraction.
Design(s): time series design, compound treatment design, stimulus or stress design, dose response design
Experimental factor(s):
NSAID concentration
13 recorded
0.49 nanomolar 15.63 nanomolar 31.25 nanomolar 62.5 nanomolar 0.98 nanomolar 3.91 nanomolar 7.81 nanomolar 1.95 nanomolar 500 nanomolar 0.24 nanomolar 125 nanomolar 0 nanomolar 0.12 nanomolar
IL-1beta exposure
3 recorded
2 hour 0 hour 8 hour
3 recorded
celecoxib naproxen vehicle control condition
Sample attribute(s):
Material Type
2 recorded
primary cell total RNA
1 recorded
fragment size
20 recorded
281 base pair 291 base pair 282 base pair 279 base pair 289 base pair 305 base pair 287 base pair 303 base pair 301 base pair 284 base pair 278 base pair 273 base pair 274 base pair 271 base pair 286 base pair 292 base pair 295 base pair 269 base pair 272 base pair 297 base pair
cell type
1 recorded
aortic smooth muscle cell
1 recorded
1 recorded
Homo sapiens
Contact(s): Lauren FranceyJacki GroweAnthony Olarerin-GeorgeJohn Hogenesch
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Submission Date:
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