Title: Transcriptional profiling of human Caco2 cells treated with the NSAID mesalazine
Organism(s): Homo sapiens
Description: Expression profiling of Caco-2 cells, treated vs. untreated, 1 sample each. [original description: Several reports indicate that mesalazine (5-aminosalicylic acid or 5-ASA) is a promising candidate for the chemoprevention of Colo-Rectal Cancer (CRC) due to its ability to reach the purpose, yet avoiding at the same time the side effects that are usually determined by prolonged administrations of Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs. This activity of 5-ASA is probably the consequence of a number of effects determined on colon cancer cells and consisting of reduced proliferation, increased apoptosis and activation of cell cycle checkpoints. A recent observation has suggested that these effects could be mediated by the capacity of 5-ASA to interfere with the nuclear translocation of beta-catenin, in turn responsible for the inhibition of its transcription activity. The aim of our study was to better characterize the molecular mechanism by which 5-ASA inhibits the beta-catenin signaling pathway. To address this issue we assessed, by means of the Affymetrix microarray methodology, the transcriptome changes determined on Caco2 cells by a 96 h treatment with 20 mM mesalazine. Experiment Overall Design: We used the Affymetrix microarray methodology to assess the transcriptome changes determined on Caco2 cells by a 96 h treatment with 20 mM mesalazine. One sample was treated with mesalazine, and one sample was left untreated.]
Design(s): unknown_experiment_design_type, transcription profiling by array
Experimental factor(s):
Treatment with compound
2 recorded
mesalamine control condition
Publication(s): Parenti S, Ferrarini F, Zini R, Montanari M, Losi L, Canovi B, Ferrari S, Grande A.
Mesalazine inhibits the beta-catenin signalling pathway acting through the upregulation of mu-protocadherin gene in colo-rectal cancer cells. PubMed:19785626

Sample attribute(s):
Material Type
2 recorded
synthetic_RNA total_RNA
1 recorded
Cell line
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Caco-2 cell
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Homo sapiens
Contact(s): Alexis Grande
Release Date: 2/17/2010
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