Title: Transcriptional profiling of mouse synovial fibroblasts treated with indomethacin or iloprost [original title: Transcription profiling of synovial mouse fibroblast activated by IL-1beta effect of prostacyclin signaling]
Organism(s): Mus musculus
Description: Synovial fibroblasts were extracted from knee joints of naíve mice (DBA/1J, male 8-12 week old), and passaged 3-4 times. Cells were plated at a concentration of 1 X 10^6 cells/dish in 60 mm dish in 5 ml of RPMI1640 medium with 1% heat-inactivated FCS at 37°C, 5% CO2. Cells were treated with vehicle or stimulated by IL-1beta. In IL-1beta (5ng/ml) stimulated groups, indomethacin (1 µM) and iloprost (1 µM) were further added either alone or in combination. After 6 hours of stimulation as described above, cells were isolated and frozen by liquid nitrogen, and stored at -80°C before use. Total RNA was extracted by RNAeasy Mini Kit. The RNA sample was labeled for hybridization onto the genechip array according to the standard affymetrix protocols.
Design(s): compound_treatment_design, transcription profiling by array
Experimental factor(s):
4 recorded
none IL-1beta, indomethacin, iloprost IL-1beta, indomethacin IL-1beta
Publication(s): Tetsuya Honda, Eri Segi-Nishida, Yoshiki Miyachi, Shuh Narumiya
Prostacyclin-IP signaling and prostaglandin E2-EP2/EP4 signaling both mediate joint inflammation in mouse collagen-induced arthritis. PubMed:16446378

Sample attribute(s):
IL-1 beta conc
2 recorded
0 ng/ml 5 ng/ml
Material Type
2 recorded
synthetic_RNA total_RNA
1 recorded
IL-1 beta treatment
2 recorded
placebo interleukin-1 beta
iloprost conc
2 recorded
0 micromolar 1 micromolar
1 recorded
DBA/1J Mouse
iloprost treatment
2 recorded
placebo iloprost
indomethacin treatment
2 recorded
placebo indometacin
1 recorded
Mus musculus
culture type
1 recorded
primary culture
indomethacin conc
2 recorded
0 micromolar 1 micromolar
1 recorded
8-12 week
1 recorded
cell type
1 recorded
synovial fibroblast
source tissue
1 recorded
Contact(s): tetsuya honda
Release Date: 6/12/2008
Submission Date:
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